"My beloved cat companion was in her final days. Travis graciously came to our home and photographed us.  Piddy had been with me since she was six weeks old, and was two weeks short of her 20th birthday.   Travis was gentle, patient, and kind, and captured her spirit and the deep bond that existed between us.  The photos gave me great solace when I lost her two weeks later--he captured both grief and serenity, and did so with respect and reverence."  

—Lisa "Riz" Risley

“Travis has done several photo shoots for me, and all of them have been excellent. He has an eye for a good shot and a remarkably deft hand with a camera, as well as an excellent sense of humor (unusually important in photography, when the person being photographed often needs to have a genuine smile).

I have been very pleased with every set of pictures Travis has taken, and highly recommend his photography services.”

—David Lepzelter

“Travis photographed a recent family event and the results were outstanding. He excels in both a candid, photo journalistic-style and in traditional portraits. He is very good about engaging children and capturing kids at their best. The work product was superior and provided quickly. He is also a pleasure to talk to and very respectful. I highly recommend his photography services.”

—Julie Zaharatos

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